1.On-Page Seo

2.Off-Page Seo

3.Technical Seo


1. On-page SEO

The on-page SEO is a very important thing if you have done on-page SEO and your content is good you get more and more traffic and shares and your site becomes viral because the content is king.

Many on-page SEO is done by on sites like searching the best primary or secondary keyword and use in tittle H1 Tag and description.

On-page Seo is done by a developer as well as Seo Specialist. The developer made the site that is not SEO friendly so the SEO specialist doing their work on-site check the by using much software like Semrush Google Analytics Google Search Console page speed insight and some paid tool.

Using this tool will help you in on-page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO.


On-Page Seo Factor


Where the keywords are use

URL TitleĀ  and Description

(Formatted text outgoing links Url alt tag or content )

2.Off Page Seo

In off-page SEO the main thing is link building. the more and more links mean more traffic and I will tell you the best way to makes more and more links. Other things are very important for SEO is sharing your content on different social media account like










Wt social


Growth hacker

Get a complete guide on how to share content on social media.

After sharing on social media accounts makes more hashtags and ask a question in your post .it will engage people and you get more and more traffic and organic traffic.

3.Technical Seo:

Technical SEO plays the main role in Seo. If you neglect this factor your site does not rank. In technical SEO include crawl/indexing and site speed both on computer and mobile. If your site speed is good on the computer but bad on mobile your site does not rank. Site speed is very important in the technical SEO factor.