What is Clickfunnels? If you are a businessman or you have a business or you have a shop and you want to make your business online, then there is nothing better than Click Funnel.

If you’ve never heard of it before, you’ve come to the right place, here is how Click Funnel works.

Every entrepreneur should use ClickFunnels. Because it is designed to help Entrepreneurs. It has everything that cannot be found anywhere else on any platform. It has many features like regular websites, opt-in pages, landing pages, membership websites, squeeze pages, webinars, and so many more.


How did ClickFunnels work In 2022?

It works in a very special way. It helps you to make the best sales funnel for your visitors. And it makes your product interested until they buy your product. Actually, it makes your visitors into your real customers. Click funnel helps you to collect payment from customer email support web analytics marketing tools and many more.


It is very different from other marketing tools as many new features have been added to it like:

  • You can make your sales funnel. The sales funnel works until your visitors become your customers.
  • In this you can collect payments and add payment methods this work in minutes. And you can add it to every page of your site.
  • You can use advanced web analytics in Click Funnels.
  • You can Retarget your audience and boost your sales.

This type of feature you cannot find elsewhere.


Types of Funnels you can build with ClickFunnels


Click Funnel User has a wide range of funnel templates. When you pick one of these you have multiple options to select. You have both Free and Paid.


You can use ClickFunnels for different purposes:

  • Sales Funnel Page
  • Lead Generation Funnel Page
  • Blogging Page Funnel Page
  • E-commerce Funnel Page
  • Event Funnel
  • Affiliate Marketing Funnel Page


Why should you create sales funnels for your online business?


When you want to sell anything online, the first thing you need to do is get the item to the rightful customer, and these tasks are not so easy. You need the perfect landing page that has a handsome amount of budget for your ads and a lot of coding effort.

If you choose it, you don’t need any other platform apart from it.

Click Funnel provides you:

  • You can choose sales-to-funnel templates from Click Funnel For any product.
  • You can choose any design.
  • Modify according to your own demands and publish it.

It works very quickly If we compare him with anyone else, no one is equal to Click Funnel.It has many features that make it stand out:

  • Custom domain hosting
  • Templates for multiple sales pages (Order, up-sell, down-sell, etc.)
  • Email integrations
  • A number of funnel types (Optin, sales, hangout, webinar, membership, etc.)
  • A/B split testing to optimize your page

What about Funnel Hacking?

Click Funnel also provides you the competitor analysis features called Funnel Hacking. In this, you can make better landing pages and land in your niche. Funnel Hacking compares your funnel with competitors’ funnel to test new ideas.

1. Begin tracking your competitors

It is important to know where your competitors are on the market list. So first of all make a list of all your competitors and then analyze their key strategies. Go to their websites and copy the image of the tools and their main focal points. You can also email them your queries and can understand their strategies after reading their response. Repeat this process with every other competitor. Then exclude all the best strategies that you find worthy to have in your business.

2. List ideas and strategies to test out

After getting a track of the competitor and knowing about their strategies. Enlist the ideas and strategies to test out. After testing out you will be able to know which strategies will work out best for your business. For instance, consider their graphics, media, content, product placement, CTA design, location, and prices. After testing out, modify things for the best results according to your business.

3. Implement advanced competitor analysis

In this step, you should implement advanced competitor analysis to interpret the deep funnel strategies. Following are the tools that will assist you to do this:
Ghostery – it points out the errors, pixels, and trackers your competitors use so you can understand their remarketing strategies and conversion tracking strategies.
SEMRush – Helps you to interpret your competitors’ organic SEO and backlinking campaign.

4. Revamp your funnel marketing

Once you are able to get what competitive funnel you want to hack, you are allowed to make changes with the assistance of Click Funnel. Select the images that you want to use and edit them in funnel editor.
Here are some of the marvelous funnels hacks that you would like to hack after deep research:

  • The sequence of the Email
  • Your backend product or service
  • Up-sell and down-sell offers
  • Retargeting strategies
  • Home pages
  • Landing pages

5. Test, rinse and repeat

After making a lot of research and learning about the strategies of the competitors. Now you are able to generate traffic and see how it affects your results. You will be able to see the changes in the conversions and other marketing purposes. If you change page elements as a part of your funnel hacking plan, you should also try using Click funnels A/B testing o know the best performances.